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Nov 24, 2020, updated Jul 26, 2021

UPDATE: Nowadays, I host an even fancier citation lookup tool at!

Type a legal citation into the box below, and I'll try to send you to whatever it references:

Law Search recognizes vaguely Bluebook-style citations to the following sources of law, plus a few others:

For a list of supported sources and their citation styles, see Sources of Law.

How it Works

Law Search is a JavaScript implementation of CiteURL, a framework I wrote to translate citations into URLs. For each body of law that Law Search recognizes, there is a CiteURL template that defines what a citation has to look like, what its relevant fields are (e.g. volume and page number), and how to construct a URL from those fields. You can find the full list of these templates, and the websites they link to, below.

When you type a citation into the search bar, Law Search tries to match your query against each of the templates. If your query looks like a valid citation to one of the supported sources of law, it translates the citation into a URL and sends you to that URL, whether it's actually valid or not.

The translation process occurs entirely in your browser, with no server-side logic or data collection. In fact, if you want to, you can even download this page and run it without connecting to my website; you'll just miss out on updates.

Two final notes for the more technically-inclined: First, Law Search is essentially a stripped-down version of CiteURL, which can not only look up individual citations, but can also insert hyperlinks for every longform or shortform citation it finds in a document. Second, if you need to look up citations that Law Search doesn't support, it's not too hard to make your own personal instance of Law Search.

You're totally welcome to use Law Search by coming to my site and typing your citation into the search bar whenever you want to look something up. But it's more convenient if you can set up a search keyword so that you can just type something like "ls 42 usc 1983" in your URL bar to look up the law.

To do that on Firefox, you can just right-click the search bar at the top of this page, and click Add a Keyword for this Search....

On Chrome, go to Settings > Manage Search Engines. From there, click Add, and paste this address into the URL field:

For other browsers, you can follow this guide.

Sources of Law

Law Search supports the U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations, most pre-2018 state and federal court cases, and nearly every state's constitution and codified laws. It also supports a few federal rules and administrative materials like the Federal Register, as well as a few specific federal statutes like the National Labor Relations Act and the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Here's some information on the sites that Law Search links to most frequently:

Finally, here's a complete list of all the supported bodies of law, in no particular order. If you're wondering what a citation to each source needs to look like, you can click view regex to see a diagram:

Source of Law Website Citation Format
U.S. Caselaw (CAP) view regex
U.S. Caselaw (CourtListener) view regex
National Labor Relations Board Decisions view regex
National Labor Relations Board Slip Opinions view regex
U.S. Constitution view regex
U.S. Constitution Amendments view regex
U.S. Code view regex
U.S. Public Laws view regex
U.S. Statutes at Large view regex
Federal Register view regex
Code of Federal Regulations view regex
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure view regex
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure view regex
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure view regex
Federal Rules of Evidence view regex
Immigration & Nationality Act view regex
Internal Revenue Code view regex
Treasury Regulations view regex
National Labor Relations Act view regex
Endangered Species Act view regex
Clean Air Act view regex
Clean Water Act view regex
Fair Housing Act view regex
Americans With Disabilities Act view regex
Code of Alabama, 1975 view regex
Alabama Constitution view regex
Alaska Statutes view regex
Alaska Constitution view regex
American Samoa Code view regex
American Samoa Constitution view regex
Arkansas Constitution view regex
Arizona Revised Statutes view regex
Arizona Constitution view regex
California Codes view regex
California Constitution view regex
California Code of Regulations view regex
Colorado Revised Statutes view regex
Colorado Constitution view regex
General Statutes of Connecticut view regex
Connecticut Constitution view regex
Delaware Code view regex
Delaware Constitution view regex
Delaware General Corporations Law view regex
District of Columbia Official Code view regex
Florida Statutes view regex
Florida Constitution view regex
Hawaii Revised Statutes view regex
Hawaii Constitution view regex
Idaho Code view regex
Idaho Constitution view regex
Illinois Compiled Statutes view regex
Illinois Constitution view regex
Indiana Code view regex
Indiana Constitution view regex
Iowa Code view regex
Iowa Constitution view regex
Kansas Statutes view regex
Kansas Constitution view regex
Kentucky Revised Statutes view regex
Kentucky Constitution view regex
Louisiana Statutes view regex
Louisiana Constitution view regex
Maine Statutes view regex
Maine Constitution view regex
Maryland Code view regex
Maryland Constitution view regex
Massachusetts General Laws view regex
Massachusetts Constitution view regex
Michigan Compiled Laws view regex
Michigan Constitution view regex
Minnesota Statutes view regex
Minnesota Constitution view regex
Mississippi Code view regex
Mississippi Constitution view regex
Missouri Revised Statutes view regex
Missouri Constitution view regex
Montana Code view regex
Montana Constitution view regex
Revised Statutes of Nebraska view regex
Nebraska Constitution view regex
Nevada Revised Statutes view regex
Nevada Constitution view regex
New Hampshire Revised Statutes view regex
New Hampshire Constitution view regex
New Jersey Statutes view regex
New Jersey Constitution view regex
New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978 view regex
New Mexico Constitution view regex
Consolidated Laws of New York view regex
New York Constitution view regex
North Carolina General Statutes view regex
North Carolina Constitution view regex
North Dakota Century Code view regex
North Dakota Constitution view regex
Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Code view regex
Northern Mariana Islands Constitution view regex
Ohio Revised Code view regex
Ohio Constitution view regex
Oklahoma Statutes view regex
Oklahoma Constitution view regex
Oregon Revised Statutes view regex
Oregon Constitution view regex
Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes view regex
Pennsylvania Code view regex
Pennsylvania Constitution view regex
Puerto Rico Constitution view regex
General Laws of Rhode Island view regex
Rhode Island Constitution view regex
South Carolina Code of Laws view regex
South Carolina Constitution view regex
South Dakota Codified Laws view regex
South Dakota Constitution view regex
Tennessee Code view regex
Tennessee Constitution view regex
Texas Codes view regex
Texas Constitution view regex
Utah Code view regex
Utah Constitution view regex
Vermont Statutes view regex
Vermont Constitution view regex
Virginia Code view regex
Virginia Constitution view regex
Virgin Islands Code view regex
Revised Code of Washington view regex
Washington Constitution view regex
West Virginia Code view regex
Wisconsin Statutes view regex
Wisconsin Constitution view regex
Wyoming Statutes view regex
Wyoming Constitution view regex
Uniform Commercial Code view regex

If you find an issue with one of these, or if there's a source of law you'd like to see added, please open a ticket here!

By the way, if you get a lot of use out of Law Search and want to support the project, you can use the link below: